Thoughts on Square Enix’s E3 2018 Press Conference


Things I bought in the Steam Summer Sale + my Steam Greenlight Spotlight update

The Steam summer sale is now at end, hopefully your wallets weren’t too hard hit by it, I used the sale as an opportunity to pick up a couple of games that have been on my wish list for a while as well as a load of the games that made it onto my Steam Greenlight Spotlight and were heavily discounted. Continue reading Things I bought in the Steam Summer Sale + my Steam Greenlight Spotlight update

The future of my Steam Greenlight Spotlight

With the news that Steam will be closing down their Greenlight program this Spring for a new system called Steam Direct (which I’m not sure is really an improvement over the current system) should I continue doing my Steam Greenlight Spotlight?

I still plan to do my Greenlight follow-up, where I play and review all the games that I voted for during the Greenlight process and were ultimately released on Steam, which I’ve already started putting together (I voted for way more games than I ever realised).

But as for my Greenlight Spotlight itself, what to do with it? Should I just continue with it like normal until Steam close it down? Should I aim to do it more regularly than once a week? I still believe there are quite a few hidden gems left on there because whenever I look for a game for my Greenlight Spotlight I normally find a good 3 or 4 potential contenders that I think look good enough so instead of picking just one like I do now should I aim to do more and spread them out across the week?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

An idea for a follow-up for my Steam Greenlight Spotlight

I’ve voted for plenty of game on Steam’s Greenlight and covered a fair few of them on my Steam Greenlight Spotlight as well and a lot of them have since been greenlit and either released or are in the process of being released (while a few got greenlit and just disappeared), as a result I’m thinking about doing a follow-up on these games. I did vote for them after all.

The kind of follow-up I’m talking about is buying the game and doing a review on or let’s play or gameplay video or whatever people would be interested in.

If people are interested let me know and I’ll make a list of all the games that I’ve voted for that are now for sale on Steam (or are up on the Store page if they aren’t quite released yet) and people can decide which one I play first.