Things I bought in the Steam Summer Sale + my Steam Greenlight Spotlight update

The Steam summer sale is now at end, hopefully your wallets weren’t too hard hit by it, I used the sale as an opportunity to pick up a couple of games that have been on my wish list for a while as well as a load of the games that made it onto my Steam Greenlight Spotlight and were heavily discounted.

The two big games I bought were Batman Arkham Knight and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I have wanted them for ages and the deals were right, for me at least. That and I couldn’t wait anymore.

Rise of the Tomb Raider I have completed already and I mean completed completed, 100% completion, finding every relic and other collectible as well as doing all the challenges. That is how much I enjoyed the game. I’ve also played around with the other game modes and while they are fun, I’m more interested in the story related stuff.

As for Batman Arkham Knight, I’m like 30% of the way through it and really enjoying it, as it stands I intend to complete it 100% as well, I did with the other Batman Arkham games so why stop now? I’ve had a few issues with frame rates and the game freezing for a couple of seconds here and there, mainly when I’m in the batmobile, which are frustrating but luckily nothing game breaking. It’s a real shame because it is a great game.

So as far as those two games go, they get a thumbs up from me. Just be warned with Batman Arkham Knight although at this point most people are surely aware.

A couple of other games I picked up are 911 Operator, This is the Police, and Orwell. All good games.

The story of Orwell is fantastic if a little short, I completed the game in 3-4 hours which was a bit disappointing but there is some replay value in that the choices you make do alter the story so if you want to see everything the story has to offer you’ll have to play it a few times. I plan to wait until I’ve forgotten the majority of the story.

It’s a similar story with This is the Police, an interesting story that you’ll need to play through a couple of times making different decisions to see everything.

By far my favourite of the three though has to be 911 Operator. Juggling the emergencies and managing your resources as you desperately try to respond to everything while answering calls and having to say the right thing to gather all the necessary information, you can quickly get overwhelmed. Some of the dialogue options are quite funny (but you do get penalised for using them but its worth it) and the ability to download maps for various cities adds a nice variety. At the end of every duty, based on how well you performed, you earn money which you can use to buy/hire new personnel, vehicles and equipment to make the next duty just that bit easier so there is a good reward for doing well. The game also has a career mode and a free play mode to suit your mood.

In terms of Steam Greenlight games, here’s a list of the ones that I brought and how much I paid for them. I will be doing review/impression videos on each game over the next couple of weeks.

Pirates of the Polygon Sea – £2.49

This game is fantastic and an early contender for my favourite Greenlight game. It’s simple and a lot of fun, the game is still in early access but it is getting regular updates which hopefully means the game is just going to get even better as more stuff is added.

Sentry Knights Tactics – £1.99

Only played a bit of this one so far but I’m enjoying it so far. I like the art style a lot, it’s very vibrant and colourful, has some witty dialogue, with simple RPG mechanics. What more do you need from an RPG?

SkipChaser – £2.37

I’ve played very little of this one because I honestly struggled to get into it and had no real idea of what was going on so I just ran around a little bit shooting things before getting bored and going back to Batman Arkham Knight. Maybe if I know what’s going on more I’ll enjoy it better.

Poly Towns – £0.39

Oh dear. This game is a prime example of the lack of quality control on Steam and why Greenlight has failed. It is terrible.

Lithium: Inmate 39 – £0.69

Haven’t played yet.

Human: Fall Flat – £4.79

Haven’t played yet.

METAGAL – £1.95

Haven’t played yet.



There you have it. A list of all the games that I bought during the Steam summer sale. I will be doing video reviews/impressions of all of those Greenlight games since I voted for them and they made my Steam Greenlight Spotlight.

Let me know what games you picked up during the sale in the comments below and if there is any of those Greenlight games in particular you want to see me do a video on first.


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