The games I voted for on Steam Greenlight and made it

As I said I would do the other day here is a list of all the games I voted for on Steam Greenlight that now have a store page. It is a lot more than I thought.

And yes I still plan to pick up, play through, and review as many of them as possible, which order I do that is up to you so leave suggestions in the comments below.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad the reviews of the games are, if people want to see me play/review them I will. Even if it results in me banging my head against the wall crying about how bad they are.

Games on my Steam Greenlight Spotlight


Poly Towns

Find Out

Human: Fall Flat

Hybrid Animals


Atomic Society

Domino Sky

Drone Racing (Known as FPV Air Tracks on the store)

Lithium: Inmate 39

Healer’s Quest

I played the demo for this one and greatly enjoyed, the game is not out yet but I’m planning on picking it up once it is.

Trapper’s Delight


Pirates of the Polygon Sea

Other games I voted for


Mini Metro

Respawn Man

Sunless Sea

Guild of Dungeoneering

Tiny Guardians


Sentry Knights Tactics



Witch Hunt


Some games have been greenlit but don’t have store pages yet so I didn’t list them above. Games like Cure (Spotlight page here) have been greenlit, it has a demo (which I played back at the time and enjoyed) is still being worked upon for release later this year. I’ll make a separate list for these games at a later date (hopefully by which point they’ll have store pages).


Remember to let me know which game you’d like to see get and play first in the comments below and I’ll start working my way through the list this weekend.


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