Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Dragon Lore

With it being a new year I’ve decided to restart my Steam Greenlight Spotlight to shine a light on what I think are (hopefully) some hidden gems currently sitting in the Steam Greenlight.

As ever I have no affiliation with these games, they haven’t contacted me and asked me to give them attention, I discovered these games myself searching through the queue feature on the Greenlight page on Steam and voted yes for them because I think they look good.

Getting the spotlight treatment this week is… Dragon Lore

What is Dragon Lore?

Dragon Lore is an exciting looking turn-based tactics JRPG similar to the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem from Madcat Games.

They have one of the best pages I’ve seen for a game on Steam Greenlight, they’ve broken up neatly into different sections with subheadings to talk about the different parts of the game, lots of pictures and gifs to help show off what they are talking, there’s even a little comic strip to give some game advice, as well as having all their contact details at the bottom.

I spend a lot of time looking through the games on Steam’s Greenlight and honestly for a lot of games it looks like so little effort goes into their pages it is nice to come across a game that takes theirs seriously. It gives the impression that they are actually serious and they care about their game.

If you are planning to put your game up on Steam Greenlight I would recommend checking out their page (link at the bottom).

Onto the game itself and the first thing that caught my eye was the art style, which they call a rich 3D block graphic (think Minecraft), which I think looks like it could be a great fit for the style of game. I can’t quite explain it but it gives the game a cheerful creative feel, maybe nostalgia for old PlayStation games or Minecraft itself. Either way from watching the trailer and looking through the images on their Greenlight page it is clear they have found a way to make it work and get a lot out of it.

Being a JRPG the game is story driven (they give an overview of the story which I briefly read because spoilers) and they say the main quest will be 20+ hours with the game being 100+ hours with sub quests. That’s a lot of game if they can deliver.

There’s an airship because of course there is an airship, except this one can be used in battle once a special gauge is filled up and you can use gold and items to upgrade the airship improving stats and battle effects making it even more useful in a fight.

Like other JRPG’s there’s a host of characters with different classes and different abilities each of which will have a different role in combat. It looks like the characters can be levelled up as well and there is talk of “victory level” which is determined by how many turns you use to complete a battle as well as what actions are taken within it, I’m guessing (or maybe hoping) that affects how much experience (or whatever is used to level up characters) you get. If that is the case it’s a nice idea, rewarding you for fighting well or doing specific things.

I like the Final Fantasy tactics games, I enjoy a good story driven game, and I don’t mind JRPG’s, add to that the art style which is what initially caught my eye and I have to say I’m looking forward to this game. The only bad news is that the release date is listed as December 2017, months away.

Below you can find the trailer to the game so that you can have a watch yourself along with links to their Steam Greenlight page (where you can vote for the game if you like the look of it), along with their Kickstarter page and Indiedb page where you can get more info and donate to the fund-raising efforts should you wish.

Greenlight page

Kickstarter page

Indiedb page


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