My top 5 games of 2016

With 2016 now at an end it is the perfect time to look back at what were my favourite five games to be released last year.

As ever with these sorts of lists, everything is subjective and just my opinion, these are simply the five games I enjoyed most, the only rule being that I actually played the game myself (duh).

Number 5

Master of Orion

This is the first Master of Orion game that I’ve played which might have been a good thing because it didn’t weigh me down with comparisons to its predecessors.

I love sci-fi, I love space stuff, and I love strategy games, Master of Orion provides me with all those things. It allows me to conquer the galaxy and fight against (or play as) a variety of alien species, all of which are interesting, look good, and have unique traits and abilities that suit different play styles.

Added to that I really loved the customisation the game provides from making your own race at the start of the game to designing your own ships using all the different technologies you’ve researched.

Number 4

Planet Coaster

A late addition to this list as I only picked the game up on Christmas Day although I’ve played it a ton since.

I used to love Theme Park on the PlayStation and Theme Park World on the PlayStation 2, laying out my park placing the shops and rides, designing the roller coasters, controlling the prices of everything. Planet Coaster allows me to do all of those things but in so much more detail.

The amount of customisation you can make to each shop front, ride, and the park in general is insane. Now I’m happy to admit that I’m not very good at it and I find the controls a bit cumbersome at times, but I’ve still happily spent a good few hours trying to design the perfect dressing for some of my rides.

Number 3


The earliest game released on this list and one that I have gone back to on a handful of occasions since then even though I’ve completed it a couple of times now. This is one of those games that as soon as I heard about it I was excited for it and, for me at least, it did not fail to live up to the expectations and hype.

It’s more XCOM (which I loved) and more kicking alien arse, what more do you need? The plot of having lost the planet to the aliens and fighting to take it back I think was a great direction to go in made better by the retaliation system and dark events which forced you to have to manage how you strike back.

Number 2


The only non-strategy/management game on this list and the game that I almost gave my number one spot to. Where do I start with DOOM?

This reminded me about everything I used to love about shooters. Fast paced and packed full of blood, guts and gore with one of the greatest gaming soundtracks to really get the blood pumping.

I loved everything about this game so much that I’ve played through the single-player campaign multiple times, collecting every collectible and datapad, fully upgrading every weapon, and unlocking every rune.

Number 1

Civilization VI

How many saw this coming? I love the Civilization games and was hyped for Civ VI since I saw the announcement trailer, I followed all the new information releases carefully which just got me more excited and just like with XCOM 2 I wasn’t let down at all.

I like the changes that have been made. The district’s force more careful planning of where and how to build cities, there is a competitiveness to acquiring Great People, the eureka’s for technologies allow reward for certain play styles, and the graphics are nice and colourful.

As for why I picked Civ Vi ahead of DOOM, it’s a mix of genre/series bias and the fact that I’ll be playing Civ VI a lot longer than I’ll be playing DOOM (and in fact already have).


Those are my top five games for 2016, feel free to share yours in the comments below.


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