Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Night Lights

With it being a new year I’ve decided to restart my Steam Greenlight Spotlight to shine a light on what I think are (hopefully) some hidden gems currently sitting in the Steam Greenlight.

As ever I have no affiliation with these games, they haven’t contacted me and asked me to give them attention, I discovered these games myself searching through the queue feature on the Greenlight page on Steam and voted yes for them because I think they look good.

Getting the spotlight treatment this week is… Night Lights

What is Night Lights?

Night Lights is a nice looking 2D puzzle platformer by Bombocracker (a one mean team which I think makes things all the more impressive).

The description on their Greenlight page reads;

Things are different at night. Familiar objects behave strangely. Interact with light sources and shadow objects to solve puzzles. Explore night locations, collect crystals to activate various mechanisms and portals. And use the lightbulb in your head.


The part about using the lightbulb in your head is a little ominous, hopefully it’s a hint that the game is going to be a bit of a challenge, which it should being a puzzle platformer otherwise it’s not very fun. That or your character actually has a lightbulb in their head that you need to use and this is a hint for that.

The gameplay mechanic of Night Lights looks interesting, very interesting. AS you can gather from the name of the game and the description above the game is set at night and light plays a pivotal role.

The game has what it calls ‘shadow objects’ and these are the objects that behave strangely when they come into contact with the light. In the trailer you see ladders (or I suppose shadow ladders technically) that have sections missing from them where the light intersects with them forcing you to move or turn off the light in order to be able to climb it fully as well boxes/crates that move about when in contact with the light.

As ever with puzzle games when you break down the core gameplay mechanics they sound simple enough but it all comes down to the execution of them and it’s not too difficult to imagine that gameplay mechanics of light and ‘shadow objects’ could lead to some fiendishly tricky puzzles.

The graphics, which are simple but pleasing, look like they clearly convey the theme of the game and aid the core gameplay mechanic. The background and environments all appear to be different shades of blue to give a nice feeling of the night and shadows while also nicely showing where the lights and there beams are and what area they reach/cover. With light being at the core of the game it is important to clearly and precisely convey that information to the player and the art style chosen looks to do that well.

Under the features section there is the promise of approximately five hours of gameplay, although I do wonder at what sort of pace of puzzle solving that is judged upon.

There’s also the promise of hidden places, collectibles and achievements, all the usual stuff add to games to add to the fun and the challenge. I have to wonder though, do they count towards the five hours of gameplay?

Also if anyone there is a demo available to download and test out the game, that’s my plan for the weekend sorted.

Now for the bad news and that is that the release date is currently Q4 2018, just under two years away, although with just a single person developing the game perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Below you can find the trailer to the game so that you can have a watch yourself along with links to their Steam Greenlight page (where you can vote for the game), along with the devs website and Indiegogo page where you can get more info and donate to the fund-raising efforts should you wish.

Greenlight page

Dev website

Indiegogo page


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