Hybrid Animals is out of Steam Greenlight and for sale

A while back on my Steam Greenlight Spotlight I focused on the game Hybrid Animals because it looked like an absolute blast, the basic premise saw you combining together two different animals (or an animal and an object) to create weird hybrids and fight them because what else do you do with animal hybrids?

Well the game has now left the Steam Greenlight and Early Access and is for sale on Steam for £4.99.

The reviews on Steam appear to be mixed with people saying the game is fun but repetitive and that there aren’t enough players playing the game so sometimes you can’t even play a game. The issue of player base can be an absolute killer for games at times, not enough are playing it so people don’t buy, but because people aren’t buying it there aren’t enough people playing it to make it worthwhile.

The other concern would be that the last update for the game is dated on the 14th June 2016 with a promise of a story/wilderness mode. That’s a month and a half ago. A message or announcement about progress is always nice and can put people’s worries at ease.

In that same message from the dev there was talk about raising the price of the game slightly as it left Early Access but instead the game has been halved in price without any message or announcement. Hopefully it is just an attempt to try and increase the player base by making the game more affordable and attractive to potential buyers but it doesn’t look good announcing one thing and doing the opposite, plus it doesn’t seem fair on those that have already bought the game but that’s the risk you take with Early Access.

For £4.99 I’m tempted to pick it up and check it out over the weekend. If I do I’ll do a review or video giving my thoughts. If you have the game or have played let me know your thoughts in the comments.

You can check out the game on Steam here.


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