30 Things to do in The Sims 4

Do you ever sit down to play The Sims 4 but quickly run out of ideas of what to do? Here are our top 30 things to do in The Sims 4.

1. Create a small family and play the game normally

As boring as it may sound it can actually be quite fun. Create a small simple family, two parents and two kids (one teen and one child) for example, and play through their lives without cheating. When the kids become adults you could move them out and continue their lives, see if they can fulfil their dreams, or stick with the parents and see what they do now that they are elders and their kids are gone, maybe they will try to recapture their youth?

2. Create a legacy

Continuing on from number one, how long can you keep a family line going? How many generations can you get to? What will the future generations of the family you started with become?

3. It’s a twin thing

Create or play a family and have a set of twin girls with them, create or play a second family and have a set of twin boys. Make the twin girls marry both the twin boys and have babies. Bonus points if each couple has a set of twins.

4. Rags to riches to rags

Admit it we all love a good rags to riches back to rags story. Start with a poor sim and have them live in a horrible little shack. Get them to work their way up the job ladder, save up $100,000, and move them into the biggest mansion possible. Have them in enjoy the high life for a little while before having it all come crashing down, blowing all their money until they have to move back into the shack they started in.

5. The smartest sim

Max out all of a sim’s skill. Some of the skills are easier to max out than others and many will be accomplished during normal gameplay for others you will need to buy and read books or actively pursue them.

6. Jack of all trades

Get a sim to the top of all the career tracks.

7. I’m so happy

Unlock all the Lifetime Happiness Rewards with a single sim.

8. Make a wish

Complete all the Lifetime Wishes with a single sim.

9. Food glorious food

Have a sim cook and eat every food in the game.

10. Home sweet home

Build a replica of your house – or at least as close a replica as you possibly can.

11. Build a mansion

Build the biggest most expensive mansion possible.

12. Move a sim into you mansion

Have a sim work hard and save up until they can move into your super mansion.

13. Twisted fire starter

Unlucky number 13 and it’s a bit of a dark one. Have a sim burn down every house in town. Bonus points for killing as many of the occupants as possible.

14. Rebuild the town

Having burnt down the town (number 13) try to rebuild it.

15. So hungry

Create a sim that is as fat as can be and see how long it takes them to starve to death.

16. Heartbreaker

Create a young adult sim or adult and have them break up every couple in town.

17. Welcome to the Big Brother House

Make a house with posh stuff, a pool, games etc., and place 8 unrelated sims in it with a variety of traits. Then act like it is the Big Brother house (bonus points for doing the narration in the Geordie accent), setting weird tasks each week (cheat so they all have full bladders and the loser is the first one to go to the toilet for instance). The loser is evicted (moved out) or killed.

18. Haunted house

Make a family and move them into a house and slowly start killing them off. Once the whole family is dead move another family in and have them try to live in the haunted house.

19. Life goes on

You can befriend ghosts and invite them to join your household. Instead of having your family trying to live in the haunted house, invite the ghosts to join your household and then move out the living members.

20. What’s your favourite colour?

Make a family with the last name something like Crayon, Pen, Pencil, Brush etc., then name each member a different colour. Have all of their clothes, bedroom/house, etc., be that colour.

21. Make the ultimate evil sim

Create the ultimate evil sim and go around town doing every little evil deed you wish you could do in real life.

22. Play Dexter

Create everyone’s favourite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, and go around town dishing out his version of justice. Track down and kill every sim who is part of the criminal career, this will require you to talk to every sim possible and learn about their career.

23. Well this is awkward

Create 8 Sims, move them all into one house together, and make 7 of them fall in love with the other one.

24. House social anxiety

Create 8 sims who are all loners and antisocial and move them into together. Make the house small and rather intimate so that no one gets their own bedroom.

25. Recreate your favourite TV show

Create a family full of your favourite TV show characters, get them to look as much like them as possible and traits that match as closely as possible. Then live out how you think they would live out their everyday lives.

26. Adoption house

Start an adoption home. Call the adoption agency and adopt as many of the little brats as you are allowed and then do your best to take care of them all.

27. Lots of offspring

Make a young Adult male sim and make him have kids with all the females in the town. See what becomes of his many kids over time.

28. Hydrophobia

Make a hydrophobic sim who lives in a house surrounded by a moat (OK swimming pool but pretend it’s a moat). They’ll have to swim across it when they want to go work or anywhere else.

29. Experiment with death

Have sims die from every possible death in the game.

30. Replace the town

Replace every default sim in town with one you have created.


There you have it, 30 fun things to do in The Sims 4. Hopefully they should take you a bit of time to do as well. If you have any fun ideas of things to do in The Sims 4 let us know in the comments below.

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