Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Skipchaser

Welcome to my Steam Greenlight Spotlight, the place where each week I throw the spotlight on a game currently in the Steam Greenlight process that I think looks good.

In the spotlight this week is… Skipchaser

What is Skipchaser?

Skipchaser is a a rogue-like, story driven sci-fi fantasy shooter by Ponywolf because rogue-like games are all the rage at the moment however before you ignore it this one looks bloody good.

I want to start with the music because I love it. As soon as I heard it I thought to myself “this sounds like something from an 80’s sci-fi” and low and behold Skipchaser turns out to be a sci-fi game. The music fits perfectly with what the game is about, bounty hunters on an alien planet looking for contracts and hunting down villains. I really love the music.

Skipchaser is a rogue-like game that mixes story with procedural generated levels. I’m guessing maybe hub points like bars, taverns, and cafes where you get contracts and then procedurally generated levels in which you have to find and kill your target?

As for the procedurally generated levels it sounds like there will be a mix of environments across the planet with “salted wastelands” and “the bowels of the element mines long since abandoned” just two mentioned on their Steam Greenlight page. To go along with the procedurally generated levels there are also procedurally generated enemies – which come in human, alien, and robotic varieties – to makes sure you don’t come across the same enemies too often.

There’s also a crafting system for weapons and armour because of course there is, every game must have one these days. However they do promise thousands of combinations to allow you to craft just the right gear for just the right enemy or situation. Crafting systems done well are nearly always good and can offer a load of fun and replayability to a game, hopefully that’s the case here.

And finally there’s the art style which again I like. It’s simple, bright, colourful, clear.

If you like rogue-like games or shooters or games with loot and crafting systems watch the trailer below and remember to check out their Steam Greenlight page.

I really like the look of this game, I think it also helps that I like 80’s sci-fi. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out their Steam Greenlight page


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