Dave’s top 5 picks of the Steam weeklong deals for 18/04/2016

Welcome to my top five picks of the Steam weeklong deals for the week of 18/04/2016, you’ve got until the 25th April to pick these up.


If you like puzzle games with an interesting mechanic and fascinating story check out Nihilumbra which I wrote a review for just a few weeks ago (here).

Instead of being the usual £4.99, Nihilumbra is currently 75% off reducing the price to £1.24 meaning now is the perfect time to pick it up.

Shovel Knight

If puzzle games aren’t your thing there’s Shovel Knight an indie platform with a classic retro feel and an awesome soundtrack.

Usually £10.99 it is currently £7.36, a nice 33% off.

Stronghold HD

And if puzzle games and platformers aren’t your thing why not check out Stronghold HD, a strategy game all about building your dream castle before engaging some siege warfare.

Yes the game is quite old now but it is less than a quid, it’s £0.87 thanks to its 75% off deal.

Stronghold Crusader HD

The sequel to Stronghold HD, Stronghold Crusader throws you into the crusades obviously with new units and a new campaign.

Stronghold Crusader is also 75% off dropping the price from £7.49 to £1.87.

Cities in Motion and Cities in Motion Collection

Another strategy game of sorts here, however instead of city building you are in control of just the transport infrastructure of the city. It’s a lot more fun and challenging than it may sound because you can’t just knock down the city and rebuild it, just tweak it.

The base game, Cities in Motion will set you back £4.49 instead of £14.99 (70% off) while the Cities in Motion Collections with all kinds of city packs is £11.24 instead of £44.99 (75% off).


What games in this weeklong deals have caught your eye? Picked any up?


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