Top 10 Mario Kart weapons

We’ve counted down our top 10 tracks of Mario Kart 8 now we are counting down our top 10 Mario Kart weapons.

10. Triple Green Shell

What’s better than one Green Shell? Three Green Shells that’s what.

A pain to aim since they lack the homing capabilities of Red Shells but it is ever so sweet when you do manage to time your shot with one just right and with their ability to bounce of walls for a short period of time, even if you miss you can sometimes get a second or even third chance to hit your target. Of course they can always bounce back and hit you, I’ve done that on quite a few occasions.

There best use however has to be the defensive screen they form around you blocking enemy Red Shells from hitting you.

9. Triple Banana

A comedy classic, the slippery old banana skin and just like with the Green Shells, what’s better than one banana? Three bananas of course.

Few things are funnier in life than watching someone skid on a banana peel in Mario Kart and get overtaken. It’s classic comedy meets racing. The rage and annoyance of getting caught by something so totally avoidable is truly something to behold.

My favourite thing to do with banana’s is to set them up on the edge of tracks to hopefully cause people to skid of the course, into water, holes etc. You can really slow someone down then.

8. Super Horn

At number eight is a new addition from Mario Kart 8 that has quickly become known as the Blue Shell Killer. I think that says all you need to know about the Super Horn, it now provides you with a defence against the dreaded Blue Shell. There is no better feeling than using one of these horns to defend yourself from a Blue Shell.

Although my bad luck tends to mean that as soon as I’ve used my Super Horn (which I rarely get) to defend against one Blue Shell a second Blue Shell is coming at me almost instantly.

7. Golden Mushroom

When you are trailing behind in a race you sometimes need a boost to help you catch up with those ahead of you and while the single Red Mushroom or Triple Red Mushroom are both useful neither are as useful as the Golden Mushroom which gives you the best boost for your buck. Get it? Instead of bang for your buck. C’mon that’s funny.

The Golden Mushroom allows you to spam boost for a short period of time, a lot more than one or three, that can really help you get back in a race. It’s low down on this list however because while you are boosting you don’t necessarily have the greatest control and corners can become hard to navigate which is a real pain on courses without any barriers to protect you from falling off. That happens to me more than I care to admit.

6. Blue Shell

Coming in at number six is the dreaded friendship killer, the Blue Shell, an evil homing device out to ruin the day of whoever is in first place (and hopefully those around them).

More often than not the Blue Shell doesn’t help you win a race if you are trailing far behind, all it does is give you a chance to screw over whoever is in first place when you decide to fire it which is the reason it is at number 6. That’s not to say the Blue Shell isn’t useful, it can make all the difference in the final points table.

My worst experience with a Blue Shell has to be in Mario Kart DS, I was in first place, had been leading comfortably for the whole race, the finish line was in sight, and then bang! Blue Shell. I went from first place to finishing fourth.

5. Star

Just like in other Mario games the Star makes you invincible for a short period, gives you a speed boost, and allows you to crash into other players forcing them to crash.

The worst thing about the Star is when it wears off because I’m sure it always waits for the most inopportune moment. What’s that? You’re in the middle of a banana peel maze, wouldn’t it be a shame if your star power ran out now. Yes that has also happened to me.

4. Crazy 8

Another new addition to Mario Kart 8 although it is virtually the same as the Lucky 7 from Mario Kart 7 except with a useless coin thrown in to take it up to eight items.

You get a coin, a blooper, a red mushroom, a star, a bom-omb, a banana, a green shell, and a red shell. Yeah it’s not hard to see how all that would be useful.

I have only ever got one once which is really annoying. I don’t know whether they are super rare or if Mario Kart just hates me (OK it does hate me but still) and it was super useful however I wasted it because I wasn’t sure what order I got to use the items in.

3. Bullet Bill

If you are struggling and falling behind few things are better to get you back into the race than Bullet Bill, just fire it and let good ol’ Bill do all the work for you, no need to worry about steering or obstacles because Bill’s got you covered.

The downside is Bill getting bored and ditching you without warning, you just begin to relax with a cup of tea when all of sudden you have to take back the wheel. OK I’m exaggerating slightly but whenever I take a second to take a sip of my drink that is when Bullet Bill decides to ditch me.

2. Lightning

At number two is one of my favourite weapons on Mario Kart, Lightning. I just love to see everyone else ahead of me shrink down all tiny and then try to run them over and flatten them into pancakes. I’m evil what can I say.

The other useful thing because of it’s staggered affect, lasting longer the higher your place when it was triggered, it can allow for a race to really become compact and competitive again. Sometimes that’s not what you want, you just want to run away with things but I still like a nice competitive race.

1. Triple Red Shell

And finally at number one we are almost back to where we started. What’s better than a Green Shell? A Red Shell. What’s better than one Red Shell? Three Red Shells! Three chances to fire homing missiles, er shells, at whoever is in front of you causing them three times the misery. It means that even if they have a Green Shell or Banana in defence you can get rid of it and still have another two go’s at attacking them.

Those are our top 10 Mario Kart weapons. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below and remember to check out our Mario Kart 8 review


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