Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Drone Racing

Welcome to my Steam Greenlight Spotlight, the place where each week I throw the spotlight on a game currently in the Steam Greenlight process that I think looks good.

In the spotlight this week is… Drone Racing

What is Drone Racing?

Drone Racing is a game that literally does what it says in the title, it’s a game that allows you to race drones.

I’m not the biggest fan of racing games, mainly because I’m pretty crap at the them, but drones is a good way to take the genre since they are really beginning to take off. Get it? Take off, because drones fly.

This is one of those simple straight forward games with a solid concept behind it. The flight of the drone allows for some interesting course designs, in the trailer you can the drone wizzing through some abandoned buildings and along a train track as it aims to hit checkpoints at varying degrees of height, the graphics look good, and the game promises a lot of customisation to the settings of the drone so you can make it handle how you want it to handle.

There’s not really much more detail about this one yet other than it allows for “painless and smooth multiplayer” as well as single player and that the courses are very challenging and frustrating. Great.

So long as this is a good variety of courses, maybe with different aesthetics, and the courses vary in degree of challenge this could be a good, fun racing game.

If you are a fan of racing games check out their the trailer below and check out their Steam Greenlight page as well.

Check out their Steam Greenlight page


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