Far Cry Primal sounds disappointing

Far Cry Primal is now out which means reviews are out, I’ve just watched TotalBiscuit’s WTF is video on it and the news is disappointing.

Let’s set aside all the technical difficulties the game is having, how it isn’t running properly etc and instead focus on things like the gameplay and story. Sadly even then the news isn’t good.

I was really excited for this game, so much so that I wrote a short preview piece (here), so it’s disappointing to hear that it doesn’t live up to that excitement.

Why doesn’t it live up to that excitement?

Welcome to yet another open world sandbox game where the map is cluttered with icons representing little side quests to send you on, most of which seem to revolve around collecting resources or rescuing people to recruit for your village. Yay! Just what I’ve always wanted, a game all about collecting resources in a Stone Age setting. The occasional quest where you have to collect X amount of some resource is just about tolerable, providing it advances the story or the game in some way, but they quickly get boring.

The story, or rather what there is of one, sounds pretty meh. That doesn’t help the side quests seem less boring or repetitive.

There doesn’t look to be a great variety of weapons in the game, not that I was expecting many with the game being set in the Stone Age, they didn’t have guns back then.

The lack of weapons is made worse by the poor animations you see when they are used. If you are going to have few weapons you need to make sure that you get the maximum out of them, we’re talking making them look great, giving them high quality animations, varied animations for different attacks depending on where you hit your opponent or how long you hold the attack button etc. This is like a golden rule and anything less feels lazy.

However the most disappointing thing has to be the animal companions, which just don’t sound as fun or varied as made out. All the animals operate in basically the same way, just with different stats. Point at enemy, click button, watch companion attack. It’s a fun, surely more could have been done with it?

Don’t get me wrong I still want a pet Saber-toothed Tiger, I think I’m just going to wait until the Steam Christmas sales before I look into picking up Far Cry Primal, it doesn’t sound like it is worth the £40 they are charging here in the UK.


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