Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Hybrid Animals

Welcome to my Steam Greenlight Spotlight, the place where each week I throw the spotlight on a game currently in the Steam Greenlight process that I think looks good.

In the spotlight this week is… Hybrid Animals

What is Hybrid Animals?

Hybrid Animals is a game from Famished Mammal where you pick two animals from a giant list to morph them together, giving them unique states and perks, that you can then test out against your friends and online in a variety of mini-games (12 in the alpha with more promised later).

The game also promises a creature-editor and the ability to add our own creatures from whatever movie or game we want to combine and morph with the existing animals which should give the game

Why has Hybrid Animals made my Steam Greenlight Spotlight? Because it looks mental and like a lot of fun that’s why. Who doesn’t want to combine two different animals and pit them against other people in various challenges like an obstacle course or fight to the death? No one that’s who.

And surely the combination of a fork and a scorpion should be a forkion? Not a stabby claw monster. Although I suppose a forkion is a stabby claw monster of sorts. Also forks, not animals, so we can combine animals with objects as well, not just other animals.

Check out their Steam Greenlight page


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