Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Human: Fall Flat

Welcome to my Steam Greenlight Spotlight, the place where each week I throw the spotlight on a game currently in the Steam Greenlight process that I think looks good.

In the spotlight this week is… Human: Fall Flat.

What is Human: Fall Flat?

On their Steam Greenlight page developers NoBrakesGames describe Human: Fall Flat as a “quirky, open-ended physics-based third person puzzle and exploration game set in surreal, floating dreamscapes” and having watched the trailer (below) I have to say that is a very very adapt description.

The aim of the game is very simple, solve the physics based puzzles (obviously) in order to escape the dreams of falling. Sounds simple but you just know that some of those physics based puzzles are going to cause you to pull your hair out or break down and have a little cry at some point, or is that just me?

The game has six levels with fully interactive 3D environments which allow you to grab anything, climb anything, and carry anything, all of which means that the puzzles can be solved in a variety of ways, hopefully adding plenty of replay value.

This game has made my spotlight because I like physics-based puzzle games, which is what this game is, it looks good and heaps of fun, plus it has plenty of humour. Just watch the trailer to see what I mean.

Release date: Second quarter 2016

Check out their Steam Greenlight page


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