Top 10 Final Fantasy VII Songs

It’s time for a top 10 and what with all the news of the Final Fantasy VII remake in recent weeks, with a gameplay trailer to boot, I’ve got some of Final Fantasy VII’s music stuck in my head.

Here are my top 10 Final Fantasy VII songs.

10. Rufus Welcome Ceremony

An upbeat march perfect for parade to welcome an illustrious leader with a great military display and that’s just how this music is used when President Rufus arrives in Juno.

The thing I remember most about this song is taking part in the parade and having to try and hit the buttons in time to it. I was always awful at that.

9. Shinra Company

This dark ominous music perfectly fits the planet killing Shrina Company, who are basically a power company with a private army and rule the world.

It plays brilliantly when you are hauled before President Shinra and he tells you all about his evil plans for the Promised Land etc. Prick, glad he died.

8.Barret’s Theme

A happy little tune that makes the slums of sector 7 feel less depressing and make Barrett not seem as mean or cold as he sometimes (often?) come across. It also has some uplifting moments to it to give you the hope that yes you can indeed succeed in your eco-terrorist role bringing down Shinra and saving the planet.

7.Cid’s Theme

A song to get you ready for the fight that lays ahead. It’s motivational and feels a bit sad in part as if to remind you of all that will lost if you fail, so you know don’t. A great piece of music

6.Gold Saucer

I spent a lot of time running around the Gold Saucer playing its various games and this music just fit the happy lively feel of the place nicely. It makes the Gold Saucer feel a lot more fun and happy which is what you want at an amusement park like that, happy people are people who stay longer and spend more.

5.Crazy Motorcycle

One of the more fun and memorable parts of the game and one that I always look forward to whenever I play it. The music here is fast-paced and action packed with a sort of sci-fi/futurey feel to it making it perfect chase music. Just hearing it gets me excited for the motorcycle chase.


After every battle you win this bit of music plays as your characters pose and celebrate before you see the loot and exp you gained for your victory. I have heard this song so much that I just associate it with victory and now no victory feels complete to me without it. I have caught myself humming it or imaging it in my head when I’ve won in other games.

3.The Prelude

I seriously considered putting this at number one. This is the music that plays when you load up FF7, hearing it conjures up of memories from when I first played the game when I was younger and makes me eager for the adventure ahead.

It helps that it’s a beautiful piece of music to boot.

2.One Winged Angel

Villains need a kickass theme and Sephiroth gets just that with One Winged Angel. The song builds up nicely with choir singing, bells ringing, shrieking sounds, made all the better with the scene in-game with Sephiroth at the burning house in Nibelheim.

Plus it has a few great remixes and alternative versions like the heavier version played in Advent Children.

1.Aerith’s Theme

Well surely this comes as no surprise and do I really need to explain it? Some pieces of music just stay with you forever and this is one of them. It is both beautiful and sad all at the same time and haunts you, every time I hear it I’m taken back to the first time I played Final Fantasy VII and got to the part where Aerith died at the hands of that bastard Sephiroth.

What made it all the more upsetting for me was that because FF7 was my first RPG game I had only levelled up the three characters, Cloud, Aerith, and Barrett. It really made the next part of the game difficult having to have a greatly under levelled character in my party.


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