Top 10 Mario Kart 8 tracks

This week’s top 10 continues the Mario theme as we count down our top 10 tracks in Mario Kart 8 (which you can check out on review on here)

10. Yoshi Valley

Coming in at number 10 is an N64 classic, Yoshi Valley.

The reason we like this track is partly nostalgia and partly because it’s multi-route. Around the first corner and across the bridge you are presented with a choice of going left or right, after you make that choice you are presented with another set of choices, until the course all links back up together again. It’s nice having that option when your in a race, trying to guess the one you are least likely to get attacked on.

Which Cup? Leaf Cup: Race 4

9. Twisted Mansion

At number 9 is one of the new tracks, the Twisted Mansion- a spooky mansion in the hands of the Boo.

This track shows the great use of the new anti-gravity feature to create an interesting haunted house style track. It is designed so that you could easily believe it was made by the Boo’s.

The music that plays during this course only serves to help add to the haunted/spooky atmosphere.

Which Cup? Flower Cup: Race 3

8. Thwomp Ruins

Another new track up at number 8, Thwomp Ruins.

Anti-gravity, water, and gliding all in one with some super catchy music.

Which Cup: Mushroom Cup: Race 4

7. Shy Guy Falls

The final race of the Flower Cup makes it to number 7 on our list.

The background on this track is amazing. As you get towards the end of a lap look at all the little Shy Guy’s in the background mining, you can hear the little *tink tink tink* sound of their pickaxes (which speeds up along with the music on the final lap).

Which Cup: Flower Cup: Race 4

6. Tick-Tock Clock

Number 6 is one of our favourite courses on Mario Kart DS, and we are glad to see it on the Wii U- Tick-tock Clock.

Since the DS version Tick-Tock Clock has undergone a bit of a makeover. In the background are lots of gears and mechanical parts that move in time with the music.

Which Cup? Lightning Cup: Race 1

5. Electrodome

Coming in at number 5 is another new track and the first and only Mario Kart track with a one word name in English, Electrodome (how’s that for a piece of trivia).

This track is a brilliant mix of music and colour. Part’s of the track make sound effects and there are lots of vibrant colours and lights that make for a real party atmosphere.

Which Cup: Star Cup: Race 3

4. Melody Motorway

At number 4 is another musical track- Music Park, which is an updated version of a 3DS track.

Parts of the track are piano keys that play musical notes as you drive over them, it has several nice bends, a drum jump and an opportunity to glide. Musical fun as you race.

Which Cup? Leaf Cup: Race 3

3. Toad Harbour

Into the top 3 now and its another new track, Toad Harbour.

A nice little seaside town area with a couple of tram lines providing some additional obstacles. There are a couple of different routes to take and an anti-gravity section that let’s you drive up and along the wall.

Which Cup? Flower Cup: Race 2

2. Piranha Plant Pipeway

Number 2 now and it is another retro track, Piranha Plant Pipeway.

Ever wondered what it’s like inside those pipes, that those pesky little piranha plants live in? Well wonder no more thanks to this track. A fun track underground and underwater of the castle’s sewer system.

The water looks amazing and serves the level well. You can ride the little streams of water down the opening section to help speed you up before an anti-gravity underwater section.

Which Cup: Lightning Cup: Race 2

1. Mount Wario

And at number 1 it is Mount Wario, by far our favourite track on Mario Kart 8, and perhaps one of our favourite Mario Kart tracks to date.

A race down a snowy mountain where there are no laps, just check points, with some fast paced music. What’s not to love?

If you haven’t payed it yet, go play it. Now!

Which Cup? Star Cup: Race 4

Those are our top 10 tracks of Mario Kart 8. Which tracks make yours? Let us know in the comment’s below.

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