Top 10 Super Mario 64 (DS) Stars

We’ve counted down our top five worlds in Super Mario 64, now we are going to countdown our top 10 stars in Super Mario 64.

Switch stars, 8 red coins, silver stars and castle secret stars do not count in this list.

10. Can the eel come out and play?

One of the more annoying stars in the game because of the swimming controls and the camera angle but that all adds an extra challenge. Plus it has a fun name. Why yes, the eel can come out and play.

9. Chip off Whomp’s Block

Destroy a giant concrete slab with your arse is what this star is all about. Once you make your up Whomp’s Fortress, past a couple of his minions, just keep running under his legs so he faceplants into the floor and sit on him with force until you beat him. They don’t make bosses like they used to.

8. Hot-foot-it into the Volcano

What’s a Lethal Lava Land without a deadly and sometimes erupting volcano? This star is tricky in two parts, the first part is actually getting into the volcano because of the spinning platform, fire turrets, and the odd eruption from the volcano. Once you are inside the volcano it’s tricky because you have a large difficult climb to the top ahead of you to get the star. Although I never quite understood why it was that Mario had to climb up the inside of the volcano when he jumped in the top?

7. Secret of the Haunted Books

Every haunted house/mansion needs a hidden room behind a bookcase and this star delivers just that for Big Boo’s Haunt, all you have to do is solve the puzzle of what order to hit the three books.

6. Get a Hand

A good use of the level design and gimmick for this star. Use the clock hand to er give you a hand as the name of the star suggests.

5. Big Penguin Race

We start with a star that is silly, not that difficult but is a lot of fun, racing a giant penguin down a big slide made of ice because who doesn’t want to do that? This star also helps Cool Cool Mountain live up to its name.

4. Inside the Ancient Pyramid

Who didn’t want to be an archeologist exploring ancient ruins after watching Indiana Jones? This star allows you to do just that. Sort of. OK not really, but it’s still fun to explore an Ancient Pyramid with all its traps. On the route to this star you have to avoid the deadly rolling pins! Seriously as a child I sucked at timing those runs, I could never be bothered waiting.

3. Top o’ the Town

This star takes full advantage of Wet-Dry World’s gimmick of being able to control the water level. Raise the water up or sue the dustpans that you skywards to make your way to the top of the level before some platform hopping gets you this star.

2. Scale the Mountain

This star helps Tall, Tall Mountain live up to its name as you slowly and carefully make the long trek to the top of the mountain, jumping over gaps, avoiding enemies, and even take part in a little log-rolling. Just be careful you not to fall or you’ll have to start your journey all over.

1. Plunder the Sunken Ship

As we already mentioned the swimming controls in this game aren’t great but that doesn’t stop the fun of swimming to the bottom of Jolly Roger Bay to explore a sunken pirate ship to plunder its loot.


Those our top 10 stars for Super Mario 64 (DS), what are yours?

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