Steam Greenlight Spotlight – Buddy

Welcome to my Steam Greenlight Spotlight, the place where each week I throw the spotlight on a game currently in the Steam Greenlight process that I think looks good.

In the spotlight this week is… Buddy

What is Buddy?

Buddy is a horror adventure game where you play as a cat… Yes a cat, as in a the four legged animal that goes meow, but don’t let you put that off however because the art style looks brilliant and the music really helps add to the creepy atmosphere.

It’s the art style that grabbed my attention (along with the word horror), it’s dark, there’s a lack of colour, the cat looks kinda cute (as a cat should) and you can see hints of monsters lurking in the shadows.

Here’s what they say on their Steam Greenlight page:

BUDDY is a horror adventure based on a little girl Mary’s story nightmare.

The protagonist of the game is a cat which tries to get out the girl of the world of fears and nightmares created by her. On the way he finds story’s parts of girl’s real-life which are closely bound up with nightmares from her childhood.

• Unpredictable plot
• Atmospheric music
• Horror theme filled with mystery
• Two endings

Can you distinguish the real story from the girl’s fantasy?

I like the promise of an unpredictable plot filled with mystery and I really really hope it can live up to that (even if it comes close I’ll be happy). Reading the description and whats hinted at the plot seems to suggest they will be able to.

Two endings seems to suggest that our choices will affect the game/ending in some way which again I like. Games are always at their best when what we do shapes the outcome.

Check out their greenlight page or the video of the trailer below.

Release date is Spring 2016. This is one I’ll be keeping an eye on.


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