Bring it Back – Dino Crisis

Welcome to Bring it Back the place where I take a look at some of the games (and series and franchises) I want remastered, reimagined, rebooted, updated, upgraded, a long overdue sequel/prequel, or dare I say it – a remake. I’m not really fussy which one it is (well OK please not a remake), I just want it back somehow.

The first game up on my list is the Capcom gem Dino Crisis from the old PlayStation 1 (back then it was just called a PlayStation).

Both Dino Crisis 1 and 2 were great games – the less said about the third installment the better – and it’s time the dinosaurs made a comeback. They’ve been extinct for long enough. Get it? Because the dinosaurs went extinct… Moving on.

For those of you who never played Dino Crisis before, as you can gather from the title there is a crisis and dinosaurs are involved. What’s not to love?

The plots were rather simple and straightforward, but remember simple and straightforward doesn’t mean bad, it just makes it easier to get to the action and all that other fun stuff.

For the first game there is a scientist on an island trying to develop a super weapon or something, I can’t remember, basically science! This creates a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing that causes dinosaurs from the past to appear on the island. You play as Regina, an agent of a government special task force sent to investigate and capture the scientist because you can’t have a rogue scientist with a super weapon that creates time distortions running about, that would be too fun. No, they are much better off in government hands…

In the second game Edward City – that’s right a whole city – has been displaced by a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing and sent back to the time of the dinosaurs. An entire team is sent back in time through a device called the ‘Time Gate’ to investigate what happened, find survivors etc, the usual hero stuff. Regina is part of the team as an intelligence advisor due to her experience from the previous game with the gameplay switching between her and Dylan, the team leader.

See two rather simple and straightforward plots, but ones that contain space for lots of different storylines, quests, character development, locations, a variety of dinosaurs, a wide selection of guns, a rail shooter section, and a few basic puzzles.

Dino Crisis 1 was more of a survival horror that borrowed heavily from another of Capcom’s franchises, Resident Evil, right down to that bloody fixed camera angle.

Dino Crisis 2 moved away from the survival horror towards a more action packed adventure, faster pace with lots of different types of weapons, however it kept the fixed camera angle which helped to keep an element of fear. Similar in a way to what they did with Resident Evil 4.

You couldn’t look around or more importantly ahead of your character which meant you couldn’t just go running off through an area because you were never sure what was waiting ahead. Such a tactic was sure to make you lunch for one of the many lurking dino critters that liked to jump out at you, something that I fell victim to more than a couple of times. Bloody raptors leaping out of their hiding places just off-screen.

You got a score for how you well you did in each area, how many enemies you killed, time, and how many hits you got. These points were then used to buy new weapons and upgrades etc.

And let’s not forget about the hidden collectibles in the type of datafiles which were scattered about all over the place and made for an interesting read.

It’s a true testament to how enjoyable the games were that I could remember all that without looking it up and a perfect reason that the games should be resurrected in some format.

Just think what they could do with the power of modern gaming hardware. A new Dino Crisis could be incredible if it played to the strengths of its predecessors.

The graphics available today could and would make for an impressive range of great-looking dinosaurs. The sheer size and scale of some of them could also be done some justice, for those who played Final Fantasy 13 remember seeing the giant Adamantoise roaming around the Archylte Steppe and how small your characters looked beside them? If they created some of the larger dinosaurs they could make it so that you really would feel terrified and like you are in a lost world if your paths crossed.

Modern processing power would also allow for there to be a greater number of dinosaurs running about all at the same time. Imagine having lots of little Compsognathus running around, groups of turkey sized Velociraptors, a family of Allosaurus’, T-Rexs or a dinosaur such as them, and loads of others all roaming about a jungle, time transported city, science/military complex or wherever the game is set all at once.

There is potential to create a truly amazing, beautiful yet terrifying experience in a new Dino Crisis game if Capcom are interested. I know I would be.

Would you be interested in a new Dino Crisis game? What would you like to see from one?

6 thoughts on “Bring it Back – Dino Crisis”

  1. OH YEAH, I would! Loved both the Dino Crisis titles. The second one had some serious hardware to battle those dinos, so just imagine what kind of hardware you’d need for an modernized gigantic dino!! BTW, since you liked Dino Crisis, recommend you check out Parasite Eve and its sequel. The second wasn’t popular back on PS1, because it changed its gameplay up from the first. But it was an AWESOME game, with lots of firepower, creatures and surprises!

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