Top 5 Super Mario 64 (DS) Worlds

Today we are counting down the top five worlds in one of the greatest games ever, Super Mario 64, a game so great that it got a second coming on the Nintendo DS, along with 30 new stars.

The criteria is pretty simple. These are the five worlds that we enjoy the most, be it they have the most fun stars, great level design, fun music, or some quirky hook.

Number 5: Whomp’s Fortress


In fifth place is Whomp’s Fortress, a flying fortress high in the sky filled with Goomba’s, Piranha Plant’s, and er well Whomp’s naturally.

It’s a simple and small level but a well designed one filled with traps, shortcuts and hard to reach areas.

All of the stars, from the boss fight with the Whomp King for the first star, to the hunt for the eight red coins and beyond are always fun to do.

Number 4: Wet-Dry World


Coming in at number 4 is Wet-Dry World, a world that is pure marmite, you either love it or you hate it, invoking memories of a certain Water Temple from another Nintendo 64 classic.

OK so swimming is always a bit of a pain and never easy to control but that aside this is a great level. Being able to control the water level through the various switches dotted throughout the course allowed for some challenging and interesting stars. It also gave the course a different feel to the others because you could change it.

It also had a weird and slightly amusing enemy, a wind-up dustpan that would launch Mario high into the sky if you stepped on them. They were great to use to reach those hard to reach area’s.

Number 3: Big Boo’s Haunt


What’s a Mario game without the boo’s? A lot less fun that’s what! At number 3 is the Boo’s entry into Super Mario 64, Big Boo’s Haunt.

The key word here is atmosphere. A spooky mansion, check. Creepy music, check. And scary ghosts, check. OK well not scary ghosts but ghosts nonetheless.

The mansion is well designed with each room having its own spooky twist and there are hidden traps galore. Then there’s that merry-go-round in the basement, we’re not sure we want to know what that’s about.

Number 2: Lethal Lava Land


Don’t you just love alliteration? At number two is a whole world dedicated to that classic childhood game (although we must confess to still playing it from time to time) where you pretend the floor is lava and have to jump from one piece of furniture to the next in order to survive.

This level provides probably the first real challenge of the game with some of its later stars, its creatively designed, and who doesn’t like to watch Mario jump around screaming in pain with his bum on fire? (Sorry Mario).

Number 1: Cool, Cool Mountain


And at number one is Cool, Cool Mountain. One of the stars on this level involves racing a penguin down a slide, what’s not to love?

It’s one of the early levels so it’s pretty straightforward in terms of stars but it’s still a fun little level that can catch you out if you aren’t careful. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve slipped off the course.

The snow and ice effects are well done, as mentioned previously Mario (or whoever you are playing as) slips and slide along the ground meaning you have to be careful when walking close to the edge of the map, while falling from a high height will get you stuck in the snow for a moment.

Those are top 5 levels on Super Mario 64 DS. Agree with our list? What are your top 5 levels on the game?

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