Steam Greenlight Spotlight

Looking through the Steam Greenlight the other day I came across a couple of interesting and promising looking games, unfortunately I also came across a lot of crap, and I mean a lot. Games that have been submitted as a joke, games that are clearly a scam to make some quick cash, and sadly some games that just don’t look any good.

And because you have to sort through so much crap to find the handful of good games on Steam Greenlight, I thought I’d start a weekly feature shining a spotlight (hence the title) on the most interesting and promising game I have found on their that week.

However there are a few rules:

  • It must not be greenlit at the time of writing
  • I must have found it on greenlight myself
  • I must have no involvement with the game (which is easy since I’m not a game dev sadly)
  • I must have voted ‘yes’ for the game on greenlight

If there are any other rules you think I should add let me know.


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