The original Turok is available on Steam

Exciting news everyone, no longer are the dinosaurs extinct thanks to the release of the original Turk on Steam.

OK apologies for the bad joke about dinosaurs and extinction but I’m really excited for this.

Turok was one of my favourite games back on the Nintendo 64. Why? Because it’s a first-person shooter with dinosaurs, mechanical dinosaurs like a raptor with a plasma cannon (yes you read that right), demons, cyborgs, aliens, and all other manner of things. What do you get to fight all these enemies? You get weapons like a pulse rifle, fusion cannon, minigun, and particle accelerator.

It’s also been updated to include steam achievements and has improved gameplay and level design etc.

The only downside is the price, £14.99. Although it is on sale for £11.99 until 24th December but even then for a game first released in 1997 the price is a bit high. Oh well it’s on my list Christmas list.


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