Far Cry Primal preview

The next installment in the Far Cry series, Fry Cry Primal, is taking us back in time to 10,000BC – hence the primal part in the name – and I think it looks good.

In Far Cry Primal you play as Takkar, the last of his hunting group, who has to survive the hostile environment of prehistoric Earth filled with wooly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and other human settlements. It’s a world where humans are the hunted, not the hunters. It sounds like a mammoth task. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

The game takes place in the majestic, yet savage lands of Oros and from the looks of the various trailers and screenshots the land of Oros is just that, majestic and savage, with an impressive amount of detail shown in the environments.

And as if a game set in the prehistoric era where you have to survive against wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers wasn’t exciting, you are a beast master. Takkar has the ability to tame the beasts of the savage lands of Oros and use them to aid him in his quest because who doesn’t want a pet saber-toothed tiger they can set on their enemies? Ob bear. Or wolf. Or owl (which can also be used for scouting and recon).

I’ve never been a big Far Cry fan but the prehistoric setting with the ability to tame animals definitely has me interested.

Far Cry Primal will be available on 23rd February 2016 for X-Box One and PlayStation 4. PC fans will have to wait until 1st March 2016.


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