My thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII remake gameplay trailer

A new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake showing some of the gameplay was released at the PlayStation Experience show, here are my thoughts on what was shown.

The first thing you’ll notice about the trailer is just how visually stunning it all is as the music slowly comes in, bringing with it a tingle of excitement and anticipation. The graphics are stunning, absolutely stunning. The amount of detail is impressive. The backgrounds and environments look great.

It’s great to see (and hear) that we will be able to explore more of Midgar this time around. In the trailer we see Cloud running around a couple of the city’s streets and it looks really nice. Visually that is. Industrial slums aren’t exactly nice places to live.

There’s litter in the streets, a broken “market” sign where the e and t don’t light up like the rest of the sign, a zebra crossing, a drunk (at least I assume he’s drunk) sitting on the pavement, road signs, and a broken bridge (possibly as a result of the bombing mission). All very nice details.

So what didn’t I like graphically?

Well I’m not overly keen on Barret’s voice or character design but that could just be because it’s new and doesn’t fit the image I’ve built up in my head of Barret over the years. I’m sure this is just something that needs getting used to.

Cloud looks meh. He doesn’t look bad, I just thought they might go a bit more all out since you know it’s Cloud. I know, I know, what I said makes no sense and yet that’s how I feel.

But oh dear god that part where Wedge says to Cloud “you’re doing this for the planet, same as us” is awful. Wedge’s voice. His appearance. Just no. It’s awful. It’s horrible. No. Ah. I hate it. (It’s at the 1 minute mark in case anyone missed it).

And then we come to the hack and slash battle system.

I’ll just quietly go cry in the corner shall I? Not going to lie, I’m not a fan. What I loved about Final Fantasy was the whole turn-based tactics, turn-based combat style it had, it made it feel like it was more of a role playing game where the focus was on the story and character development. It made you think more and use strategy.

That said, while I’d rather the old style or something similar to it, what we saw in the trailer looks like a decent hack and slash, I’m just not sure how it’s going to work in battle when you have loads of spells that you are trying to cycle through to find the one that particularly enemy is weak too. I worry that it will make everything feel cluttered or you will feel panicked into finding the spell you want under the pressure of battle. Is it one stick to navigate the menus and the other stick to move your character in the battle? I guess we will just have to wait until another trailer is released showing off more of the gameplay mechanics.

I don’t think I’m any more or less hyped than I was before. Graphically it looks great but I want to see more of the gameplay mechanics. I’m also disappointed about the news that it will be a “multi-part series” as opposed to one game (which I wrote about yesterday – here).

What did you make of the new trailer?

Here’s a link to the video for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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