30 things to do in Minecraft

Are you struggling for ideas for what to do in Minecraft? Good news! You need look no further. Here are 30 fun things to do in Minecraft.

This list started life as my Minecraft bucket list, a bunch of things I have always wanted to do in Minecraft but have never quite gotten around too. I’m planning to make a YouTube series of myself attempting to complete this list, if anyone wants to give it a go themselves please feel free too and if you link back to this page I’ll put a link to your videos attempting them.

And of course if you have any ideas for things you think should be on this list but aren’t leave them in the comments below for all to see and try.

1. Over achiever

Complete all in-game achievements.

Where better to start than with the achievement tasks the game offers as default.

2. Crop fields

Have a farm with every type of seed.

You could just have one block for each seed type or whole strips of blocks. Your choice but you need to be able to farm each crop.

3. Old MAcDonald

Have a farm with every type of farm animal.

You could have one large pen with each animal type in or smaller pens dedicated to each animal type.

4. Pet kitty

Tame an Ocelot.

Find an Ocelot and feed it fish until it decides to be your companion. Bonus points for a cute/fun name.

5. Wolf pack

Tame a pack of wolves.

Find some wolves and make them your friends and pack. Must be at least three wolves.

6. Location, location, location

Build a base in every biome.

Build a base, house, outpost etc., in each of the different biomes in the game. Size and materials is your choice.

7. Stuck in a tree

Build a treehouse

You can either build a small house up an existing tree or build a special tree for it. It must have a bed and chest in it to count.

8. YOU’RE not my friend

Build a mob spawner

There are loads of different ways this can be done (I’ll make a couple of YouTube video’s showing off my favourites in case you need help) so pick one and build it.

9. diamonds are my best friend

Have full diamond gear

Collect enough diamonds so that you can make a full suit of armour, a sword, and tools out of them.

10. Gold finger

Have 500 gold ingots

Just keep mining until you collect enough gold to smelt 500 ingots.

11. Diamonds are forever

Have 100 diamonds

Pretty simple keep mining until you have collected 100 diamonds. As a bonus challenge complete after completing challenge 9.

12. Who ate all the pies?

Have 100 of each food type

This challenge ties in with numbers 2 and 3. Farm and slaughter enough animals until you have collected enough food. You will also need to forage for the apples. Cake is optional.

13. Firestarter

Set a forest on fire

Set a forest on fire and watch it burn. Bonus points for singing as you do so.

14. All aboard

Build an underground rail system connecting all your bases

This one ties in with challenge number 6 location, location, location. Link up all the bases and outposts you have with an underground rail system.

15. Home sweet home

Build a brick house

Collect clay, smelt bricks, make brick blocks and build yourself a house. Points for style and size.

16. Shhh this is a library

Build a library with 100 bookshelves

Find a stronghold and steal their bookshelves or make them yourself your choice and build a giant library. Points for style and design.

17. Kew

Build a beautiful garden that includes every type of flower in it.

Find every type and colour of flower there is and then build the most amazing garden you can. Big, small, simple, elaborate, complex, they all count.

18. Music maestro

Collect all the music discs

Find all the music discs in the game. (There are 13)

19. The sand king

Build a giant sandcastle

Make a sandcastle that is at least 10 blocks high. Oh and it must be built on a beach.

20. The snowman

Build a giant snowman (or woman or other)

The snowman must be at least 10 blocks and use coal blocks for eyes and buttons. Coloured wool blocks can be used for a scarf and/or hat.

21. Iron Army

Have an army of at least 10 iron golems

Build yourself 10 iron golems. Bonus points if you give them all names.

22. Snowballed

Kill a hostile mob using nothing but snow balls.

Collect up lots of snowballs and go mob hunting. Yeah this one could be annoying.

23. Fort Knox

Build a giant underground bank vault

Build a giant underground bank vault to store all of your valuables in. Using iron bars and iron doors create different cages in your underground vault for different resources, so a gold cage, diamond cage etc.

24. I broke the law

Build a prison and trap as many hostile mobs as you can

Build a prison and trap as many hostile mobs as you can, try to get one of each mob. Group cells or individual cells is up to you.

25. The 1%

Farm emeralds until you belong to the 1%

Trade for and collect 500 emeralds

26. Remember me!

Build a giant statue of your skin

OK it doesn’t have to be of your skin but a giant statue of a person, at least 20 blocks with a 10 block high pillar for it to stand on.

27. Gladiators, are you ready!?

Build a mob arena and fight until you have 100 levels.

Think of the Colosseum and build yourself an arena to fight mobs in. Traps and obstacles are allowed.

28. Three little pigs

Build a Straw house (Sugar cane walls), a wood house and a brick house, spawn pigs inside them and pretend to be the big bad wolf

The houses don’t need to be very big or very glamorous, just nice enough and big enough for a pig. As for how the big bad wolf would take them down? I’m thinking TNT.

29. The Dark Tower

Build an Obsidian tower

A minimum of 9×9 for the floor plan and 30 blocks high. Doors, lights, fittings etc, are all up to you.

30. Signs

Using only dirt, wheat seeds and a hoe, make some crop circles

Time to call the mothership back to Earth with some crop circles. As ever points for design and complexity.


9 thoughts on “30 things to do in Minecraft”

  1. I know you’re not going to like this comment but……you are just so cute, LOL!!!!! Except the pretending to be a big, bad wolf to the pigs….that wasn’t cute. But the rest of the list is so cute xD

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