FIFA 16 has a lack of tournaments and no featured tournaments in FUT

EA’s latest installment in the FIFA franchise, FIFA 16, has been out for around a month now and yet there is still a disappointing number of tournaments available in Ultimate Team.

Currently in FIFA Ultimate Team there are just four tournaments in offline mode and three in online mode for a grand total of seven.

And as of yet there have been no featured tournaments which is really surprising considering we’ve had the Manchester derby, Merseyside derby, and Tyne-Wear derby all since the game’s release.

I liked the featured tournaments in FIFA 15. I liked that challenge of having to build a team from specific clubs, leagues, or nationalities and in a tight time limit as well.

For the Manchester derby it would be half the starting XI has to be from Manchester United while the other half has to be from Manchester City, any quality, and only available for the weekend.

They added an extra challenge to the game. They gave me a reason to keep checking back on FIFA 15 and it’s FUT mode. The featured tournaments kept the game fresh by constantly adding a new challenge. It was something to look forward to each weekend.

But even by default FIFA 15 had more than four tournaments with a bigger variety, for instance there was a tournament where you had to have a starting XI and subs bench all of the same nationality. That’s gone now.

How is it EA have reduced the number of tournaments in FUT this year? How is it they haven’t had any featured tournaments yet? Are they waiting for El Clasico towards the end of November before they bring them back or something?

With how much they charge for the game there shouldn’t be less content than last year, there should be more. How can there only be seven tournaments? It’s a joke.

Hopefully new tournaments or featured tournaments get added soon otherwise FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is going to become very dull very quick.


5 thoughts on “FIFA 16 has a lack of tournaments and no featured tournaments in FUT”

    1. Good point I hadn’t thought about it that way, the FUT Draft is a great way to further monetize the game. I haven’t played it beyond my free token.
      Yeah I saw they added a Halloween tournament, no restrictions or anything, but it’s a start. Hopefully they’ll add something like one or two a week now.


      1. It’s really quite ingenius really. Where as last year you could win a 50k pack with no cost just as long as you were good enough; this year you have to pay £2 for the privilege and there isn’t even a guarantee that you’ll get something as good as a 50k pack if you manage to win four in row.

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      2. It really is but the problem is that it is making the game less fun. The more they keep doing things like this the more people that will catch on and get turned off.


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