10 traits we want to see added to The Sims 4

One of the problems with The Sims 4 and its first expansion Get to Work is the feeling of a lack of content. One area where we feel this is especially true is with the (lack of) traits you can pick with for your sims.

So we present to you 10 traits we want to see added to The Sims 4 and how we think they could work.

1. Hydrophobic

Who doesn’t want a sim that’s afraid of the water? It’s wet, its slippery, and it’s very very dangerous. You could drown in it don’t you know.

In our 30 things to do in The Sims 4 we had the idea of building a series of swimming pools around a house to resemble a maze that the occupant sim had to navigate each day just to get to work and then back home again. Imagine how much harder such a life would be if they had a phobia of water. Yes we are cruel cruel people.

It could simply work by making your sims unhappy/scared/angry if they have to do anything water related.

2. Hates outdoors

They have the trait loves outdoors so why not its opposite, hates outdoors? It’d be perfect for computer and book loving sims, after all why would they want to go outside in that pesky sun.

It’s also a perfect fit should vampires make a return later in the series, although making a vampire that loves the outdoors but can never be does sound like fun.

It could simply be the case that after so long outside the sim becomes agitated or angry or sad, it could all depend on how long they are outside or with who. Maybe make it so that sims who hate the outdoors are more likely to get bitten/stung by bugs or get ill.

3. Vegetarian

Lot’s of people are vegetarian so why can’t our sims be as well?

All it would mean is that they are slightly more fussy when it comes to eating. They could become upset if another sim cooks a meat meal for the house but nothing for them.

To go along with this one it’d be nice to see some more vegetarian meals in the game.

4. Easily impressed/gullible

Some people in life are just easily impressed by your jokes and stories.

Gullible sims could be easier to sell stuff too, harder to offend, get a bigger relationship boost from being told jokes etc.

5. No sense of humour

Let’s face it, some people are just miserable bastards and can’t take a joke.

Sims with no sense of humour can’t tell jokes or play pranks and there is no social/relationship gain from telling them jokes.

They could also have their fun need lower at a slower rate than regular sims.

6. Socially awkward

A lot of people are socially awkward for many reasons. With the next Sims 4 expansion ‘Get Together’ focusing of friends and the social lives of our sims it would be the perfect time to add this trait.

Not all sims should be able to handle their social lives comfortably. This could work by the longer a conversation goes on the more unhappy or uncomfortable the sim becomes, there could be a chance of them saying something wrong or freaking out.

7. Over emotional

The Sims 4 introduced a range of emotions for our sims to feel and experience but not a trait that makes them over emotional.

Such a trait could work by making the sim gain emotional responses quicker but wearing off quicker or it could work by doubling the effect of the emotion but have the emotion only last for half the usual time.

This trait seems like the sort of thing that would be perfect for a teenage sim where emotions are a lot harder to control and you feel them a lot more.

8. Light sleeper

Some people are woken up by the slightest bit of noise that can make them a nightmare to live with at they moan about every bit of noise.

And that’s how it should work in the game. They should wake up and complain if other sims are talking, watching TV, or listening to music anywhere near by.

9. Coward

Some people run and hide at the first sign of trouble or get spooked by noises when they are home alone and why should our sims be any different?

Coward sims could become afraid or sad easily at night if they live alone, they think they hear noises when they don’t. If a fight breaks out near them they could run away and hide, running off the lot and back home possibly.

And then of course there are ghosts. If a coward sim see’s a ghost it could send them running from the lot, even if it is their own home. They could then be sad and/or afraid every time they have to visit that lot.

10. Dramatic

Like it or not some people make everything a bigger deal than it actually is and try to make things more dramatic than they actually are.

These sims could always be trying to make stories sound more dramatic than they actually are, if they get caught out it could lead to an argument or the sim they are talking to disliking them as a result.

Basically dramatic sims will be a massive pain overreacting to anything and everything.


There you have it, 10 traits we would like to see added to The Sims 4 at some point in the future. If this proves popular and if people would be interested we will do another 10 traits we would like to see added to The Sims 4 in the future, maybe based on suggestions from all of you.


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