The next Sims 4 expansion called ‘Get Together’ has been announced

The next expansion for The Sims 4 has been announced and is due to be released in November. The expansion is called ‘Get Together’ and it looks to be similar to the Holiday/Vacation expansions from previous versions of The Sims.

The main focus of ‘Get Together’ appears to be friends. Ah isn’t that nice? They want our sims to have friends. A lot of the emphasis in the trailer (below) and in the official announcement (here) is on your sim doing things with friends and in groups.

In the trailer you see three girls shopping for a group outfit to wear before strutting down a street in their matching clothes, don’t get me started on the clothes that pick, they clearly have very poor taste. And of course there is the obligatory foosball table for everyone to gather round and play, not that I’m opposed to foosball or anything, it’s fun.

There are also clubs, both the dance and interest varieties. Each club will have its own interests, personalities, and styles that will affect how they behave, what activities they do, and how they treat other sims. Yeah see that sounds more like a clique than a club but that could be fun, having your sim belong to a clique. You’ll also have the ability to create and customise your own club, including setting their requirements, preferred hangouts, behaviour and rewards.

Does this mean we can create a fight club? Preferred hangout, a basement obviously. Requirements, don’t talk about fight club. Sorry had to say it, but the requirement could be they must have a certain physical skill (if that’s possible). Rewards, a trophy/belt for being the best fighter?

It’s nice that the social aspect is being focused on and that friendship and group activities are getting an overhaul. Currently friends feel like they are only needed to keep your sims social need up and that can be done over the phone. Giving your sims friends purpose is a good move.

‘Get Together’ also introduces a new town called Winterburg which is European inspired. It has a mix of modern architecture and classical buildings including an old-fashioned market town square which looks quite nice. The Sims 4 has had a lack of towns and lots so a new town being added is nice, hopefully it’ll be more than the four lots offered in the new town that ‘Get to Work’ provided.

There are also two new skills being added, a dancing skill and a DJ skill. To go along with the DJ skill there are now DJ booths and equipment because obviously you can’t be a DJ without the gear. The trailer shows a rave taking place at some ruins with one sim acting as a DJ.

The game is due to be released in November with more information coming in October.

I’m not going to lie I feel pretty meh about this expansion. It’s nice that friends and the whole social aspect is getting worked on but I tend to make single sims with no families who are loners so I don’t have to bother with friends and social stuff. I would have much preferred a pets, seasons, or supernatural expansion. Or even one with more of a holiday/vacation feel that added a couple of different holiday spots instead with dedicated activities for them.

Also I don’t care about either of the new skills that have been introduced and I doubt I will ever use them. The dancing skill might be more interesting if they have dance studios and different styles of dancing. Having your sim go to ballet classes and learn ballet might not be too bad, but a generic dancing skill? No thanks.

The new town looks nice though.

Oh well let’s wait and see what new information comes out in early October


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