My Cow plant just died on The Sims 4 and it looks quite cool

I’ve continued playing around with my sim Wendy Hayes, who I created to test out the new stuff of the Sims 4 ‘Get to Work’ expansion, the same sim who I made water her plants with her tears, and well she’s run into a bit more bad luck after working so hard to get a Cow plant it’s died.

Good news though it looks somewhat creepy and awesome.

Dead Cow Plant
Dead Cow Plant

Seriously though just look at that. It looks quite evil and menacing. I would not fancy walking up to a house that had one of those in it’s front garden. There would be a me shaped blur going in the opposite direction of that thing.

Dead Cow Plant from the side
Dead Cow Plant from the side

It looks just as creepy from the side. I love the fact it still has it’s little bell on.

Cow plants aren’t that difficult to get. Just go to the fishing hole at the back of Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs and fish for a little bit. It only took Wendy a couple of minutes to fish one out.

Dead Cow plants would be perfect for evil sims or a haunted house. A house so haunted even the plants are dead mwahahahaha.

I’m tempted to create a house and put one either side of the pathway leading to the front door. Or better yet a whole row of them. Even the Grim Reaper wouldn’t want to visit.

Anyone else had any experiences with dead Cow plants?

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