Started playing Skyrim again

With all the recent talk over the last week or two about Steam introducing a system where you have to pay for mods on Skyrim and then scraping it days later after the online backlash I decided to re-install my copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and start over as a new character.

That and I still haven’t played the Dawnguard or Dragonborn DLC expansions despite buying them the 2013 Christmas sale.

I created myself an Argonian called Gordon. You know Gordon Gekko. From Wall Street. Because both geckos and Argonians are reptiles. Come on that’s funny. Plus I love my character having a normal boring name in a fantasy setting where everyone has very fantasy names. “Oh hi Bolund, I’m Gordon”. It amuses me.

I forgot just how huge the map on Skyrim is. I had started with the idea of no fast travel or using the guy outside the major cities to unlock the other cities, instead I was going travel from place to place to manually. You know that whole the adventure is in the journey crap. It didn’t last long.

I travelled from straight from Whiterun to Riften on a “borrowed” horse from the Whiterun stables before starting any of the major story missions because I wanted to start with the Thieves Guild story. Gordon is a greedy sneaky guy, he loves gold, gems, jewels, and all things shiny.

I got about halfway by horse before the stupid thing died. I kept getting attacked by wolves and bears and necromancers and all manner of other nasty things in the wild. Me and my “borrowed” horse weren’t hurting anyone. OK so we stopped now and then to loot and pickpocket but we didn’t hurt anyone. I was just beginning to like that horse.

Walking the second half of that journey was just a pain but I manage to finish it. Of course once I got to Riften I decided to scrap that rule and quickly unlocked the other major cities using the guy with his cart outside every major city.

Already it has been a massive time saver. I forgot how much of a pain it can be too unlock some areas. Seriously it is probably the thing I hate most about Skyrim. I’ve been trying to stick to the roads and dirt trails as much as possible but when trying to reach some of the caves up in the mountains I get lost and confused, and end up turning into a very very bad mountaineer trying to climb up and over the mountains before falling to my death.

So far all I’ve done is complete the Thieves Guild, becoming the master of the guild, and buying my first house, the house in Riften. Well it’s where my guild is. I’m currently trying to save up enough money to buy all the decoration upgrades.

I’m not really sure what mission/quest line to do next. I might just run around Riften and complete all the little side/miscellaneous quests to get them out of the way. I might get my alchemy and smithing skills levelled up as well. Healing potions are always handy to have, well on hand. Can also sell them for lots of gold. Lovely lovely gold.

Now all I want to do is jump back into Skyrim.


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